Railways of the Isle of Man 2022
Part Four  August - November
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All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham
August 2022
Pictures taken of the lower section on the Snaefell Mountain Railway.  These were all taken from the opposite side of Laxey Glen, either in or close to the hamlet of Agneash, which gives some great views, albeit distant, of the railway.  I was using a Panasonic bridge camera (FZ72) which has up to 60x zoom available.
September 2022
Isle of Man Railway No 4 'Loch' at Port Erin.  There's a video of her departing on the 16:00 to Douglas, on YouTube here.
I didn't plan this photoshoot!  We were in fact on the way to the Wildlife Park when the car developed a technical fault approaching The Bungalow and I pulled off the road to see what the problem was. I couldn't find anything obviously wrong so had to call for roadside assistance.  Whilst the technician from Manx Automobile Assistance was travelling to us and then checking the car I shot these pictures of Snaefell Mountain Railway cars.  Fortunately for us, he was able to locate and fix a disconnected turbocharger hose and we headed onwards.
A little session taking pictures on the Steam Railway, which didn't go quite as planned due to road works outside Ballasalla causing huge tailbacks almost to Blackboards making me miss the planned first location with trains passing at Castletown.  A quick re-scheduling brought these pictures, although lighting was challenging with deep shadows and other very bright areas in the afternoon sunshine.  I managed to catch the second afternoon crossing of trains at Castletown!
November 2022
Normally the scheduled services on the Steam Railway would have finished around the end of October, but this year they have been extended until the end of November, operating on weekends only and with just one train providing two return trips a day.  Based on this day, passenger loadings look good.
A 360 degree interactive aerial Panorama at Douglas Station
All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham