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July 2022
The Isle of Man Railway on the Monday of Manx National Week
Horse and Electric trams in Douglas
A lovely Wednesday evening visiting the Groudle Glen Railway with friends Stewart and Peter.  Big thanks to all of the volunteers who look after this delightful little line and allowed us to look and photograph inside the engine and carriage sheds.
Isle of Man Railway trains passing the Crogga Valley Railway
Engines and trains on the Crogga Valley Railway for a visit from the Branch Line Society.
The Orchid Line in the Curraghs Wildlife Park
Some days ago, a badly loaded recovery truck struck the Manx Electric overhead cables at Halfway Crossing, south of Baldrine, bringing the cables down.  Overnight, some opportunistic thieves also stole a quantity of the cable, making restoration of services more difficult.  As a result he MER had been unable to run services between Douglas and Laxey, inconveniencing a large number of visitors.  Services between Laxey and Ramsey continued.  Yesterday I heard that the cables were being replaced and as I had to visit a location on the line for other purposes, extended my route a little and took the camera.  The police apparently have four people in custody and have recovered a quantity of the cable.
Some ground level and aerial pictures on the Manx Electric, Douglas Bay Horse Tramway and Snaefell Mountain Railways.
Derby Castle
Laxey Glen
A few quick pictures taken of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway at Derby Castle.  We were actually taking some visitors back to the airport, they were delighted that the horse trams had started running again, but not so impressed that the line had been terminated (temporarily, we hope) well short of its full length, not even reaching the bottom of Broadway.
All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham