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 Part Four August - September
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August 2011
September 2011

On September 12th, the final day of the Commonwealth Youth Games, held on the island in 2011, a Cultural Day was organized for competitors in Castletown and the Steam Railway laid on special trains from Douglas. Every serviceable carriage was in use, with one eight coach train and one of nine coaches. Each train was 'topped and tailed' using all four currently serviceable steam locomotives. The timetable was arranged for the trains to pass at Santon and the following pictures aim to give an impression of the busy and complicated operation.
These photo's just covered the morning operation. When I left there were still another five passenger services to run, plus the ecs trip back to Port Erin from Douglas. Congratulations must be due to the railway staff on running the intensive service require to transport passenger numbers not seen in many years. My thanks also for the help and assistance to myself enabling me to get these pictures.

On the 30th September, special trains were run to celebrate the return to service of saloon coaches F30 and F32, enabling a 5 coach coridor connected set to be made up. I captured the lunchtime 'Rolling Lunch' train from Douglas to Castletown.
All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham