The Marine Drive and Douglas Southern Electric Tramway
The Douglas Southern Electric Tramway ran from Douglas Head and south along the Marine drive for around four an a half miles to a terminus on the cliffs above 
Port Soderick.  In UK terms it was the island's only Standard Gauge (4' 8.5") railway, although IOM Standard gauge was and is 3'
The idea for this website section came about when I was asked to supply an Image of Little Ness for an animation project by Stuart Green.  
'All aboard for an animated trip along the Marine Drive!'
Douglas Head by Stuart Green.
The Marine Drive itself opened in 1893, the same year as the Manx Electric Railway started running from Douglas to Groudle, it had required a lot of rock blasting work
and the construction of two wooden viaducts over the Port Wallberry and Horse Leap inlets.
The electric tramway followed, having an official opening on the 16th July 1896, the same year that the Manx Electric Railway reached Laxey.  The company
had to generate its own electrical power and a power station was constructed at the Pigeon Stream.  Another problem was where to build the depot and the
only suitable flat piece of land was deemed to be at Little Ness, somewhat inconveniently located along the line, closer to Port Soderick than Douglas.
The line was single tracked with passing loops and operated seasonally until the end of August 1939 but never re-opened after WW2.  It was probably
too badly damaged by wartime use of the Marine Drive by the Royal Navy and would have cost a fortune to restore to operation.
It was lifted in the 1950s and most of the rolling stock scrapped, but tram No 1 was preserved and is now located in the UK at the Crich Tramway Village.
The roadway was widened and opened to motor vehicles with the old viaducts by-passed, but today the centre section is pedestrian only due to landslips.
For a better description of the Marine Drive and the tramway, I can recommend George Hobb's excellent  'By Whing to Port Soderick',
published by Loaghtan Books, which was a great help with producing the photo captions here.  More recently I was given a copy of
'Double Century' by Stan Basnett and Keith Pearson, published in 1996.  This excellent book covers both the DSET and the Upper Douglas Cable Tramway,
but is probably had to come by now.
The modern pictures are all by me, older ones are from my collection.
You can just follow the links all the way through, starting with the maps below. The Aerial shots were taken between 2016 & 2022 at various seasons.
Most of the old tramway shots have present day equivalents, click on the actual pictures to toggle between the two.
1906 Map of the Marine Drive
2009 Map of the Marine Drive
The 2009 map shows the Marine Drive with significant points on the Douglas Southern Electric Tramway marked.
The photographs are divided between three galleries, firstly the old photos and with their 'today' equivalents, then the aerial shots, going from Douglas Harbour 
and the Bay, down to Port Soderick, and back again with Panoramas.   Finally a small section of older pictures of Douglas Head, the harbour ferries and Douglas Beach.
The Tramway Old/New Ground Pictures
The Aerial Pictures
Old pics from Douglas Head to the Beach
 Modern Aerial pictures on this webpage are  © Jon Wornham
Others are from the J. Wornham Collection
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