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A pictorial history of LET410 operations from Ronaldsway Airport in the Isle of Man  2006 - 2017
Van Air Europe operations for  2006 - 2012 was formed in July 2006 as an independent Isle of Man based operation. They never actually owned any aircraft themselves, instead leasing from other companies who operated flights for them using their own Air Operators Certificates.  The two main companies providing aircraft were Van Air Europe from the Czech Republic and FLM Aviation from Germany.  A Spanish operator and others also provided aircraft for periods of time.
Van Air Europe operations for Citywing - 2013 - 2017
After a management buyout of, from January 2013 the operation was re-branded as Citywing, continuing to fly the same routes and with aircraft provided almost exclusively by Van Air Europe.  The operation continued until February 2017 when it was closed down following an incident at Ronaldsway.  The Van Air LET410s returned to the Czech Republic, ending over ten years of operations from Ronaldsway.
All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham