Island Images Aerial - Computer Screen Backgrounds
This project started with me producing some full screen sized aerial images to use on my computer as Desktop Backgrounds
but I thought that some of my web site visitors may also like to try them.
I've changed the way this section works to make it simpler for me to add new backgrounds.  Pictures are now indexed by the month the original shot was taken in and then chronologically within the month section. There are larger thumbnails than in the rest of the website, but no ability to step from one picture to the next.  If you click on the thumbnail it will take you straight to the full sized (1920 x 1080) image.  If you are using Firefox as a web browser you can then right click on the picture and select 'Set as Desktop Background' and it's done!  Use the back button on your browser to return to the thumbnails. If you browser doesn't support that, right click and save the picture somewhere and then set it as Desktop Background.  I'm afraid that I have no clue how to do this on a Mac!
I've only been able to produce the backgrounds in one screen resolution, so I chose what I think is the most common, a 16:9 ratio at 1920x1080 pixels.
This may not work on some other screen resolutions or may have some limitations.  For instance, on my Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet, it shows the picture
just fine, but with black bands to the top and bottom.  Sorry, but I'm unable to make the backgrounds in other screen resolutions.
Any feedback is very welcome, you can drop a message onto the Island Image Facebook Page or email me via the link from my name below.
Please note that these pictures are all © Jon Wornham and are provided for personal use only on private computers.
For any other uses commercially or on commercially operated computers please contact me.
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