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I've finally moved the Lanzarote pictures into their own index page.  We've been visiting the island regularly for many years now, but in 2017 I took
a drone with me for the first time to try some aerial pictures.  For 2017 and 2018 it was the DJI Spark, which had some limitations in what it
could achieve, but I also started experimenting with shooting multi image panoramas.  The ones with the Spark did not cover a full 360 degrees,
but the PtGui program managed to stitch them into format that could be rotated around.  In 2021 I took the newer Mini 2 drone and shot 360 degree
panoramas, but mixed in single shot aerial images and a few ground level ones.  I continued with that format for 2022 & 2023..
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2017 & 2018
 Any pictures with a green surround are usually panoramas where an interactive version is available.
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