Aerial pictures take in Lanzarote during our trip there in April and May 2022
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Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham
 Playa Blanca 25/4/22
Papagayo Beaches 1/5/22
A second planned flight at the western end of Playa Blanca was quite restricted due to a sudden gusty wind that sprang up!
Salinas de Janubio 7/5/22
It had been a bit breezy at Janubio so I cut the flight there short and headed on to something else I had been wanting to capture form the air,
the two roundabouts on either side of Yaiza, the red and the green.
Playa Blanca 8/5/22
Back to Playa Blanca, to fly from a couple of sites not far from the centre of town.  The first one was just a piece a waste ground until the last couple of years, 
when it was landscaped, with footpaths and cycleways (Playa Blanca is very good for them) tennis courts and a play area.
Moving to the second flying location, a large area of undeveloped land not far to the west of the first location.
Playa Quemada 9/5/22
We went for lunch at the little village of Playa Quemada (Burned Beach), on the south east coast of the island where there are several seafront restaurants that serve excellent fresh fish dishes, together with other options.  I took the drone along and after lunch flew from a couple of locations for these pictures.
Rofera de Teseguite 11/5/22
Something a bit different.  We first discovered the area by accident many years ago, where wind eroded rocks make a strange natural display.  Over the years it has become more popular, when I shot these pictures there was even another drone in the air.  I was initially a little cautious to fly, but the pilot was actually flying from close to where I was and once we had seen that there were going to be two drones in the air I think we were both happy.
Playa de Famara 11/5/22
On the way back to Playa Blanca we had a little diversion to Famara Beach to see if I could manage a drone flight.  We had been visiting a few days previously and I'd hoped to fly then, but there were Search and Rescue operations by a helicopter on the cliffs so I decided it was safer not to fly then.
Tenesara 14/5/22
We did a trip up to La Santa on the west coast of the island, but on the way took a side trip to the little settlement of Tenesara.  It's quite a long way north west of Mancha Blanca but there's a good tarmac road, mainly through a huge lava field, almost all the way to the houses (but not quite!).  I also found some interesting stone wall enclosing areas well inside the lava field and seemingly inaccessible which makes me wonder if they pre-dated the eruption.
La Santa 14/5/22
After lunch in La Santa village, we stopped just to the north for me to take some aerial photo's at the island and lagoon, which used to be a salt works but has been converted into a leisure facility with a sports based hotel on the northern end.
Caletta de Famara 14/5/22
Final stop on our trip out on the 14th was to Famara village, ostensibly to buy some ice creams, but I also managed to get in a flight when we couldn't find anywhere selling decent ice cream.   After the flight we in fact found a little back street supermarket that had excellent soft scoop ice cream in several flavours!
Playa Blanca 15/5/22
Not really conventional 'aerial' pictures, but taken from nearly 600 feet above sea level, standing on the rim of Montana Roja.
La Geria 16/5/22
Although wine is produce in many locations across the island, La Geria, north of Uga, has the biggest concentration of Bodega's.  The vines are grown on crushed black volcanic grit, traditionally protected from the wind by semi-circular stone walls, although other shapes are also used.
Las Nieves 16/5/22
After our fairly quick stop in La Geria, we continued on through Teguise before taking the unsurfaced road up to Las Nieves (The Snows) where there is a church constructed on the top of the Famara Cliffs at only just under 2,000 ft above sea level with some amazing views down.  The pictures dodge around a bit as cloud was forming and dissipating quite rapidly from moist air being advected up the cliffs and I needed to keep the drone away from it.
La Pescosa
After visiting La Nieves we dropped down the very twisty road into Haria for lunch before continuing our trip via Maguez and again climbing up to the high ground at the top of the Famara cliffs, but further north this time.  An unsurfaced track leads up from Maguez to the aeronautical radio beacon 'LZR' and then onwards to the cliff tops before continuing along the Valle de Guinate with lots of great views all the way.
The Mirador del Rio
Continuing further to the north, following the west coast and stopping just before the Mirador.  You can pay to enter the viewpoint, converted from WW2
bunkers and with a great view across the channel to La Graciosa island, but in all honesty the view is the same from just down the road.
Charco de la Novia 18/5/22
The final set of aerial pictures from this visit and somewhere I had wanted to try and capture.  Just south of Orzola on the north east coast are the amazing tidal lagoons at Charco de la Novia, with white sands and shades of aquamarine in the lagoons.  Unfortunately it was really quite windy on the day we visited and pushing the limits for the little Mini 2 drone, resulting in a very short flight and no panoramas.  Maybe next visit!
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham