Aerial Images 2001
I first flew a light aircraft back in 1973 at the age of eighteen, getting to 'first solo' level on a flying scholarship program run by Hertfordshire County Council, using Piper Cherokee aircraft.
For financial reasons I didn't continue until 1980, when the UK Civil Aviation Authority kindly provided flying lessons up to Private Pilot's Licence standard as
part of my Air Traffic Controller training.  For several good reasons at the time I didn't do much further flying and it eventually lapsed until 1996 when I re-validated
it in the Isle of Man.  When I bought my first digital camera in January 2000 I realised that it would be quite easy to take photographs with it from the air, when I wasn't
too busy actually flying the plane of course!  The following are some of the results re-edited from the originals in 2022. Pictures left in the same format as shot in the camera.
 All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham
 Aircraft flown at the start of the period (2000 - 2001)

First flight undertaken in 2001, a fairly short one, looking at the pictures there was maybe too much cloud around for VFR flying.  I'm using a larger format for the pictures, might be pushing it a bit for the 1.5 Mp originals out of the MX-1700 but hopefully will show more details.
5/1/01 Piper Archer G-BUMP 12:30 - 13:10

The next flight was towards the end of the month, a bit longer and I took quite a lot of pictures.
29/1/01 Piper Archer G-BUMP 13:20 - 14:20

Another winter flight with quite a few pictures taken.
16/2/01 Piper Cherokee G-ATRR 13:20 - 14:25

Not many pictures taken (by me, anyway!) on this flight, probably because I had firefighter and fellow IOM photographer Peter Killey in the right hand seat so I was probably positioning the aircraft so they he could get some good shots.  This was also my last flight in G-BUMP as shortly after this the flying club was taken over by new owners and re-equipped with a Cessna 172.
14/3/01 Piper Archer G-BUMP 14:30 - 15:35

April 2001 and a new type of aircraft to fly and a new digital camera to use!  Cessna 172 and Fuju Finepix 4900zoom

I didn't really take any photos for the first few trips in the C172 and it wasn't until July that I took these few in the Douglas and Onchan area.
20/7/01 Cessna 172 G-CCCC 12:50 - 13:35

Quite a large batch of photos taken on this flight in August, so I suspect that might have been the main reason for it.
22/8/01 Cessna 172 G-CCCC 11:05 - 12:15

Another large batch of pictures from a flight in 2001. Of course when I climbed into the Cessna 172 that morning I had no idea of the horrendous events that would unfold in the USA later that day and change commercial aviation for ever.  I didn't fly as P1 for over ten months and only sporadically after that until my last flight in 2003.   11/9/01 Cessna 172 G-CCCC 10:30 - 11:35
 All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham