Aerodrome Control Flight Progress Board - Runway 26 is 'Runway in Use'
Blue stripholders for departures, Orange for arrivals and Red for local flights. 'Flyer 25 Kilo' has been passed its airways clearance and is pushing back from stand 9. 'Jersey 6 Uniform Yankee' is inbound but not yet in contact with tower. 'Golf Alpha Zulu Echo Golf' is a local Cherokee and has been cleared to land on the cross runway 21, 'Zulu 3' is a works vehicle operating on runway 26 but holding short of runway 21. 'Fire 5' is birdscaring but not operating on either runway. The Scottish Control information strip shows that their Isle of Man Sector is 'bandboxed' with the Wallesey Sector and using frequency 128.050 instead of usual frequency 133.050
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An Island Images picture © Jon Wornham