ATC surveillance picture showing data from Selex PSR/WAM system. Flight BEE974 has a basic data block showing ATC Squawk code of 5473, downlinked aircraft callsign (as selected by the crew), actual Flight Level (FL264) descending to FL200 (as input by the crew into aircraft autopilot). Flight BEE821 is inbound to Ronaldsway and displaying a controller selectable enhanced data block. The first item would normally be the Squawk code (ATC system callsign shown here), then aircraft downlinked callsign, actual Flight Level (FL52) descending to crew selected altitude of 3000ft. System computed groundspeed of 257 Knots with downlinked Indicated Airspeed (IAS) of 228 Kts. Downlinked aircraft heading of 333 degrees magnetic. The star symbol shows that the aircraft are being tracked by both PSR and WAM systems. A PSR only return shows as a vertical cross + and a WAM only as diagonal cross x. The radar system is totally processed with PSR and WAM tracks combined and no provision to show raw radar data on the situation display.
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