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A bit of an experiment!  I looked out of the window at around 02:15 and noticed the moon shining through clouds an illuminating the sea.  I wondered how the Ace Pro would manage such a low light scene and it did really well, in HDR mode and just braced against the window frame.
Insta360 Ace Pro 1/3/24
A Saturday afternoon trip to 'Ramsey and the North'
Insta360 Ace Pro & Panasonic FZ82 2/3/24
The Point of Ayre
Jurby Church
A few pictures from a little trip out yesterday afternoon after a very nice Sunday lunch at the Creg-ny-Baa!
Insta360 Ace Pro & DJI Osmo Pocket 3  3/3/24
Another trip out yesterday saw us pay a short visit to Niarbyl in the afternoon.  After a sunny morning I had initially been a bit disappointed when it started to cloud over, but in fact I think that the clouds made the pictures a bit special.
Insta360 Ace Pro  4/3/24
Tuesday afternoon I fancied a bit of a walk and photo session.  Where I live on the east side of the island it was rather grey and dull with cloud on the hills, so after consulting the very useful it looked like the west coast might be brighter so I decided to re-visit the beach and caves at Lhiannag, north of Peel.  Access to the caves is only possible at low tides and after consulting a tide prediction app I though that it might just be possible, although I would have to be very careful as the tide was on the rise.  The cliffs behind the main beach are very susceptible to land slips and I was a bit shocked when I was there to see that it looked like there had been several more since I was last there in November.  On the way back up I had a long chat to the lady who farms there and she was of the opinion that works carried out on the footpath that follows the old railway line had cut drainage and made the situation much worse.
Insta360 Ace Pro, Panasonic TZ60 & DJI Mini 2  5/3/24
I'd brought the mini drone along with me, hoping to fly from the far side of the caves, but due to the tide state there was not time for that, but on regaining the main beach I decided to fly from there,  looking at both the headlands and the shifting cliffs behind the beach.
I finished my visit with a stroll along the beach to Gob y Deigan which forms the northern headland.
We seem to have had a succession of days with poor weather for photography, wet, windy or just generally cloudy and dull, but yesterday afternoon looked like there might be a small 'window' in the bad weather.  Although it was raining at home, looking out of the window to the west seemed to be brighter, so I headed off in that direction, stopping at St John's for a walk in the national park there, before extending it a little towards the Brack-a-Broom lane.
Insta360 Ace Pro  10/3/24
With the unsettled weather looking to continue for a while, I took advantage of a day with very light winds for a bit of aerial photography around Sulby Reservoir.  It was still generally very cloudy, but with no rain, and I hoped for some good reflections off the water.  Unfortunately there was sufficient breeze up there to disturb the surface of the water,  so I decided to just to take some more general aerial shots and panoramas.  In total I ended up shooting 8 panoramas but I narrowed it down to six for display here as some were fairly similar.  If you do want to see the others, you'll need to visit my Kuula workspace
DJI Mini 2  11/3/24
A return visit to the Tynwald National Park to view the Magnolia - and we found some more!
Panasonic FZ82  12/3/24
The Isle of Man Wildlife Trust are planting a new Temperate Rainforest in the East Baldwin Valley and judging by yesterday's weather it should do well!  I don't think that our house (500 ft above sea level) was ever out of the clouds and it rained solidly for most of the day.  In the afternoon the rain started to get lighter and I set out to get some pictures of the Injebreck waterfall, hopefully with lots of water coming down and it didn't disappoint!
Insta360 Ace Pro 14/3/24
From Injebreck Hill I continued via Brandywell and into Druidale, for a quick photo session near Montpelier House.
Yesterday afternoon I revisited the Injebreck Waterfall, mainly to shoot some video clips.  Whilst I had shot some video on the previous day, using the Ace Pro, I really wanted to use the Osmo P3 as I prefer it for video with its gimble and radio microphone.  Water levels were considerably lower though, but I did manage to access the upper levels of the waterfall that are normally hidden from view.  It's not easy to get to them and I wouldn't recommend trying unless you are very confident as there is no pathway and it's very steep and slippery in places, with a big drop down to the waterfall if you miss your step.  Although the main reason was to shoot the video clips, I also took some still pictures.  The first two are the easily accessible lower section, the last three are on the upper sections, taken using the Osmo P3's very useful '3x3 Panorama' feature, which uses the gimble to shoot a block of nine pictures that are then stitched together in the camera.
DJI Osmo Pocket 3  15/3/24
The video clips that I shot around Injebreck Waterfall yesterday afternoon have now been edited and uploaded to YouTube.  In all there were around fifty of them, but some were duplicates or just rejected as they disn't really fit in with the flow.  I ended up with just over twelve minutes in the end product!
DJI Osmo Pocket 3 (with one clip from the Ace Pro)  15/3/24
A walk yesterday afternoon from Port Mooar to Maughold village via the coast path before returning via the road.  Apparently I chose the wrong part of the island for a walk as it was dull and grey for all of my walk and rained from Maughold back to Port Mooar, whereas it was sunny over in Ballaugh!
I had a quick stop on the way to Port Mooar for a couple of pictures of the Dreemskerry stop on the Manx Electric Railway and 'George's Seat'
Insta360 Ace Pro 17/3/24
Yesterday afternoon I took a walk around Glen Roy, starting and finishing at the Axnfell Plantation car park.  In addition to more normal cameras I took the mini drone along with me and shot these panoramic views at different locations around the glen. Unfortunately the sun chose to hide behind some dark clouds!
DJI Mini 2 19/3/24
I had a bit of a busy day yesterday, so didn't have to to process anything apart from the aerial panoramas.  I also took some ground level pictures on my walk around Glen Roy, but these are more aerial shots of the Glen Roy Mine, which isn't really visible from public land, except at a distance.  The mine was first worked in 1864 and finally closed in 1881.  There are substantial remains including the pillars to support and aqueduct to drive a water wheel.
DJI Mini 2 19/3/24
Ground level pictures taken on the walk around Glen Roy
A small selection of pictures taken yesterday afternoon on a stroll along the Silverburn from Ballasalla in the sunshine.
Insta360 Ace Pro 22/3/24
The Monk's Well
The Abbey Memorial Church, Ballasalla
Some dramatic skies taken from home as sunset approached.
Insta360 Ace Pro
It's half past midnight and the moon is illuminating the clouds.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham