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Happy New Year to all Island Images visitors.  The website is now in it's 25th year in the present format and has over 22,000 Isle of Man pictures in it.
This new year's morning weather was superb, light winds and bright sun contrasting with what seems to have been a long string of dull wet and windy conditions.
I headed up to Port Cornaa, mainly to shoot some video which I should have edited and uploaded in the next few days, but I finished with a drone flight.
DJI Mini 2 1/1/23
This morning I completed the editing of the Port Cornaa video and it's now uploaded to YouTube. Click the button below to view.
DJI Osmo Pocket 3, Insta360 Ace Pro & DJI Mini 2  1/1/24
A trip to Niarbyl and Traie Vane yesterday afternoon.
Panasonic TZ200,  DJI Mini 2 & Insta360 Ace Pro  3/1/24
I also shot a couple of short video clips of the waterfall and beach, in slow motion and normal speed.
Click the button below to see on YouTube.
On Thursday afternoon I set out for a photo mission to the west coast. Aerial photography in the St German's area followed hopefully by the sunset at Peel.  However my car had other ideas and a turbocharger hose (that had just been fixed) blew off around half way there and I had to return to the dealer in Douglas to get it fixed.  After a test run to see if all was OK I headed back to Peel but it was after sunset by the time I arrived so I settled for some low light photography instead.  I'd done some of this late in December with the Insta360 Ace Pro, but wasn't very happy with the results, so this time I went for the DJI camera.
DJI Osmo Pocket 3 4/1/24
Post sunset clouds from my house in Onchan.
Insta360 Ace Pro 5/1/23
I mentioned that I'd had to abandon my Thursday afternoon aerial photography planned due to a car fault, but yesterday was bright and sunny on the east coast so I set out in the afternoon to try again.  Unfortunately there was a line of cloud running continuously down from the north channel passing the island to the west and south and the sun seemed determined to hide behind it!  Nonetheless, I managed to get some aerial pictures of the coastline between Peel and Kirkmichael, looking at areas that are mostly inaccessible apart from by boat, an advantage of having the drone available.
DJI Air 2S  6/1/24
After shooting the aerial pictures that I uploaded yesterday, I headed back to St John's to carry out some more experiments shooting with the 'Vlogging' cameras in low light.  Most of the pictures were just for comparison purposes but I though that I'd share some, although these all have a certain amount of post editing work on them, although often just a crop and re-size.  Both cameras did well in low light but I've found that you need to use the 'HDR Photo' mode on the Ace Pro.
Insta360 Ace Pro & DJI Osmo Pocket 3  6/1/24
A short slow motion video of the rooks gathering before roosting
Click the button to view on YouTube
These pictures were all shot yesterday afternoon in the south of the island, adjacent to Ronaldsway Airport.  Camera used was the diminutive Ace Pro, which has a fixed wide angle focal length of 16mm (35mm equivalent) and using 'HDR Photo mode' which uses inbuilt AI algorithms to produce pictures in low light.
Insta360 Ace Pro 8/1/24
Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk in Archallagan Plantation, where these pictures were taken.  Although it was a bright sunny day, the air temperature wasn't much above freezing and there was a bitterly cold east wind blowing, so I hoped for some shelter in the trees.
Insta360 Ace Pro 9/1/24
On the way back home for Archallagan I was going to pass Marown Old Church, but decided to stop and try a few pictures in the fading light.
Insta360 Ace Pro 9/1/24
I took this set of pictures yesterday afternoon on a walk down to Garwick Beach.  Pre WW2 the glen was an important attraction, it had it's own railway station on the Manx Electric Railway, complete with a large shelter (similar to Groudle, demolished in 1979) with stationmaster and a little kiosk selling refreshment and souvenirs. In the glen itself there was a pub and ornamental boating lake.  Down at the beach boats could be hired for a row on the sea, or maybe take a walk passing though the 'Hermit's Archway' or visiting one of the 'smugglers caves'.  The glen passed into private hands in the 1960s and has effectively been closed to the public since then, although it is still possible to access the beach by two routes.  I've just read that the glen was purchased by Manx Utilities a year or so again, so it's effectively back in public ownership.  It would be nice if some of the facilities could be re-opened for public use.
Insta360 Ace pro 10/1/24
A visit yesterday afternoon to Jurby Airfield in the north of the island, mainly with the intention of shooting a few aerial panoramas.  The airfield was constructed in the late 1930s as a training airfield for RAF Bomber Command and served as such throughout WW2, although it was also a fighter base for a while until RAF Andreas was constructed.  For more information on the airfield, have a look in my IOM Air Traffic Control history pages.
DJI Air 2S  11/1/24
On the way home from Jurby I had a quick stop at Ballaugh Old Church.  A church has existed on this spot since 1231 and probably a keeil before that.  In 1717 and again in the mid to late 1700s it was enlarged, before being replaced by the new church in Ballaugh village in 1832.  It fell into disrepair for a while but in 1849 it was restored and the extensions removed.  Further restoration work was carried out in 1877 and 1959.  I remember it as being open to visit at any time, but it was locked up so I was unable to photograph the interior.  There was a notice outside saying that it was open on Saturdays and Sundays.
Regular website visitors may have noticed that I've been using a couple of new cameras quite a lot recently, the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 and Insta360 Ace Pro.  Whilst they are both really designed as 'Vlogging' cameras (and I've produced a few videos with them), they also have good performance for still pictures.  They are similar in intent but both quite different.  The Pocket 3 has a drone style gimble which smoothes out movements mechanically in videos, whereas the Ace Pro can do this electronically.  The P3 had a large 1" sensor which is great in low light, the Ace Pro is also good in low light but again uses electronic methods to achieve the same ends, also having Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms used to produce great videos and still pictures.
A few quick shots from Onchan Head on the way home from shopping in Douglas this afternoon.   I noticed the nice post sunset light reflected off the sea while driving along the promenade, so stopped to take the photos at Port Jack.
Insta360 Ace Pro  14/1/24
A new Island Images video - Garwick Glen
A few days ago I did walk down to Garwick Beach, using the road to get down and then the Clay Head path to return.  I noticed that the path actually going up through the glen had 'Private Property - No Trespassing' notices on it as had been the case for quite a few years whilst the house and glen were in private ownership.  I decided that I'd like to return and try making a video, this time starting from the old Electric Railway station and making my way down. 
When I was doing some research for the web site pictures from the first visit I came across something I was unaware of before, that the Isle of Man Government (via Manx Utilities) had actually purchased the glen from the former owners sometime in 2021, intending to use it for a sewage processing plant serving Laxey and Baldrine.  Apparently the plans were subsequently changed so our government own a lovely looking large house and a scenic glen, but have chosen to keep this quiet and not inform the public.  So I decided to see if this publicly owned but secret glen could actually be accessed and this video tells the story of what I found.
Yesterday we picked up a friend from Ronaldsway and went for lunch at The Sound Cafe, before dropping her of at home.  It was a lovely sunny day but with a biting cold wind blowing, so we didn't really spend much time outside and I just grabbed a few pictures.  Don't think that I'll be taking any pictures today though as the outside temperature is only 1.5c and we have a mixture of rain and snow falling!
Insta360 Ace Pro 15/1/24
Garwick Glen - again!
When I was editing the Garwick Glen video, I found that I had a lot of old pictures on file of the glen when it was a major tourist attraction.  I also visited the online iMuseum (Manx National Heritage) and found some more fascinating ones.  I incorporated a few into the video but thought site visitors might like to see some more, so here is a selection.  The ones from the iMuseum are credited, but I'm not sure of the origins of the others, so apologies if I've pinched any.  If you have a claim to any of them and would like a credit, please let me know and I'll be only too pleased to add it.  I'm following the same route as in the video.
I had a photo/video project in mind for yesterday afternoon, but as I was getting ready to go out noticed that the mountains of Snowdonia in north Wales were clearly visible to the south so changed to 'Plan B', which was to shoot a big stitched panorama of Scotland from Guthrie's Memorial.  In the end things didn't go quite according to that plan so 'Plan C' was hurriedly made up!  The rest of Plan C will be coming later.
Panasonic FZ82 & DJI Mini 2 17/1/24
The rest of Wednesday's 'Plan C' had been to head for another site in the north of the island, but as I drove down from Guthrie's towards Ramsey 
I noticed that the Cumbrian Mountains in England were showing up well, so a 'Plan D' was hatched and I headed instead towards Maughold! 
The first pictures were aerial ones of the village and church from a flight with the drone before I continued with ground level ones.
DJI Mini 2 17/1/24
The ground level pictures at Maughold Church and the Head on Wednesday afternoon.
Insta360 Ace Pro & Panasonic FZ82  17/1/24
The Church and Churchyard
At Maughold Head and the Lighthouse
It was very cold up by the lighthouse once the sun had gone, so time to head home!
Another visit to Garwick!  This was on Thursday afternoon and the main reason was to shoot some video at various locations for a 'Then and Now' feature, but more of that later.  I shot some ground level pictures to start and finish with some aerial shots in the middle.
Insta360 Ace Pro & DJI Air 2S 18/1/24
A 360 degree aerial panorama at Garwick Glen
I mentioned above that the main reason of the Garwick visit was to shoot some video for a project that I had in mind.  It was 'Garwick Glen, Then and Now', using some of the old photos I had of the glen and beach, then trying to match up the camera angles with some present day video.  I couldn't manage it for all the shots, in some cases (like the Tea Gardens) the features have vanished completely, for others I couldn't get to the exact spot for various reasons.  I also need to mention that the seasons are out of synch, as most of the old photos would have been taken in summer, but there was snow on the ground on Thursday!  I could of course waited for spring or summer, but there is no guarantee that I would still be able to access the glen then, as far as I know the government have given no indication of their intentions for the house and glen, hopefully they will open up the glen to more public access.
There are a lot of clips and photos joined together to make the video, it took me most of a day to edit, producing a ten minute final version!
Click the button below to view the video on YouTube.
The Steam Packet's 'Manxman' heading out to sea in poor weather conditions.  Just a quick photo grab from home.
Panasonic FZ82 20/1/24
I took these pictures on a walk yesterday afternoon, starting from the car park by 'Waterworks' on the Mountain Road, the walking down via Ballure Reservoir to the beach and walking as far south as I could at low tide.  After that, back north to Queen's Pier before returning to the car via Lherghy Frissell and the Albert Tower.
Insta360 Ace Pro  24/1/24
A walk yesterday afternoon in Glen Helen, initially taking the upper path through Eairy Beg Plantation to visit the tholtan in the forest.
Insta360 Ace Pro  26/1/24
When I was doing my walk in Eairy Beg plantation and Glen Helen, I also shot some video clips.  They weren't intended for publication so not very structured, but this morning I edited them together in VSDC Video Editor and thought that some of you might be interested.  Wind noise is a bit of a problem as there is no shielding on the built in microphone on the Ace Pro.  If I'd planned to produce a video I would have used my Osmo Pocket 3 with it's remote shielded mic instead. 
Sorry, no commentary but I've added a few explanatory notes where I think they'd be useful.  Video length 5:21
Insta360 Ace Pro 26/1/24
Yesterday afternoon I had a little photo expedition to the south west of the island, meeting up with my good friend and fellow photographer Peter Killey at Cregneash. First location was on Mull Hill where I did some aerial and ground level photography, followed by a stroll around the village.
DJI Mini 2 & Insta360 Ace Pro 30/1/24
A wander around Cregneash village as sunset approached.  Many of the old cottages in the village form a 'folk museum', showing how life was on the island when agriculture and fishing were the main occupations of islanders, but there are also quite a few other cottages that are still inhabited.
Panasonic FZ82 30/2/24
After parting company with Peter at Cregneash, I decided to drive home via The Sloc and Foxdale.  No particular reason apart from that I like the route, but as I drove up The Sloc I was treated to the sight of an amazing sunset in my mirrors.  I found a safe spot to stop and took these three pictures within 10 seconds!  The days are starting to get noticeable longer, 'official' sunset was at 16:52 and these were at 16:55.  The day is now 1 hour and 23 minutes longer than at solstice.
Panasonic FZ83 30/1/24
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham