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2nd December
A new drone had just arrived in the Island Images Aerial fleet and yesterday conditions were suitable for testing its capabilities.  Although the wind was very light, it was an overcast day and I wouldn't normally have done aerial photography under the low light conditions at this time of year, but here are a few of the initial pictures from it anyway, flying from two locations in the morning.  DJI Mini 2 1/12/20
In the afternoon it looked like the lighting was improving so I set off for St John's for some more aerial photography.  Unfortunately it stayed fairly dull.
DJI Mini 2 1/12/20
3rd December
Some more testing yesterday afternoon with the new Mini 2 drone.  The main purpose was to see how it coped in a breezier situation and I went to Keristal, just north of Port Soderick and flew from the cliff top there.  It was close to sunset when I arrived and unfortunately cloud covered the sun just after I started flying, but the Mini 2 performed well in the breeze which was a bit gusty at times as well.  DJI Mini 2 2/12/20
5th December
We set out yesterday afternoon to see if there was any snow left on the hilltops after fall over the past couple of days. There most likely was, but the cloud was so low we couldn't see it!  However, I took some pictures at lower levels.  The light levels were very poor with heavy overcast and as colours were really muted anyway, I've de-saturated them to monochrome and with a sepia tint on the later ones.  Locations are Druidale, Cooildarry and Glen Wyllin.  Nikon D7100 4/12/20
6th December
This morning the weather was calm and bright and I decided to do some more aerial photography with the new DJI Mini 2 drone.  On the way to Ramsey via the Mountain Road I stopped at Brandywell to take these ground level pictures of Snaefell and Clagh Ouyr.  Panasonic TZ200 6/12/20
7th December
As previosuly mentioned. yesterday morning was calm and sunny, so I took the new Mini 2 drone to Ramsey for some aerial photography of the town.
DJI Mini 2 6/12/20
A couple of pictures taken on Sunday afternoon of the Lake Distict mountains from Douglas.  Panasonic TZ200 6/12/20
8th December
Another couple of flights with the Mini 2 yesterday afternoon as conditions were good. Flying at Crosby and then Douglas Head.
DJI Mini 2 7/12/20
Douglas Head
10th December
I've recently been working on a new selection of aerial computer screen backgrounds, this time from pictures taken in 2018.
if you've not seen these sections before, do take a look.  Even if you're not looking for a desktop background, the pictures can be browsed through from
January to December in a slightly larger format than usual.  If you would like to use one as a background on your computer, click on the 'Save' button which
will bring up a 1920 x 1080 version. On a Windows computer you then just right click the image and select 'Set as Background' or 'Set as Desktop Background' from your browser.  Use the back buton to return to browsing. It seems more complicated on a Mac, but then so does everything to me!
The pictures below are just examples of the thumbnails but click on any one to go to the 2018 Aerial Desktop Backgrounds page.
11th December
These pictures were taken this morning on a short flight from the Centenary Park at the top of my road.  The weather was better today, no rain and quite calm this morning, although rather dull with cloud on the hills.  Still trying out the new mini done.  DJI Mini 2 11/12/10
13th December
A few aerial pictures yesterday with the Mini 2 again.  Taken just along the coast from Groudle, in between photographing the Santa Trains. 
DJI Mini 2 12/12/20
Dusk shots and Christmas Lights in Douglas yesterday.  Panasonic TZ200 12/12/20
17th December
A few pictures taken today, rather late in the afternoon and with some rather dull lighting conditions.  Panasonic TZ200 17/12/20
20th December
A few pictures taken in Ramsey yesterday afternoon.  It was really a shopping trip but the light was nice, particularly over the harbour.
Panasonic TZ200 19/12/20
23rd December
After a period of stong winds preventing aerial photography with the drones, yesterday morning was bright with light winds and I set off to photograph an
area that I hadn't look at from the air before, the village of St Mark's.  The hamlet is a Conservation Area and an informative document on the area (probably from 2003) can be found Here.  DJI Mini 2 22/12/20
Another location that I'd wanted to photograph from the air was the Eairy Dam near Foxdale.  I couldn't find out any informationabout the lake here, but it was
probably man made, the old maps show a mill race towards a sawmill to the south.  There is also a mine shown close by, but the pump would seem to be powered by a rod from an engine house to the east, powered by water from a smaller reservoir.   DJI Mini 1 22/12/20
24th December
I was driving back home from the aerial photography sessions on Tuesday when I was taken by the light on the scene near Braaid, so I had a quick stop there for some more aerial pictures, starting with a panorama centred on the ancient settlement site of The Braaid.  DJI Mini 2 22/12/20
26th December
A photo trip out on Christmas eve, starting with some ground level pictures at Poyll Vaaish and Gansey Bay.  Panasonic TZ200 24/12/20
My next destination was the village of Cregneash.  Initially I had a stroll around the village and took some ground level pictures, but the sun was hiding behind the clouds and I went on to try some aerial shots with the little Mini 2 drone - and the sun came out (for a short while!). 
Panasonic TZ 200 & DJI Mini 2 24/12/20
Taking the camera into the air.
After the flight at Cregneash it was onwards to the top of Mull Hill hoping that the sun would emerge from the clouds to give me a mid winter sunset.
DJI Mini 2 & Panasonic TZ200  24/12/20
As I was making my way back from Mull Hill, driving down the narrow lane into Port Erin, I saw that the post sunset light looked amazing over the beach, so I stopped for another flight and these pictures are the results.  DJI Mini 2 24/12/20
27th December
Some Christmas Day pictures!  Panasonic TZ200 & Samsung Galaxy S8
A walk along the Marine Drive in the afternoon
29th December
Some aerial photography today of the old Cornelly Mine, near Foxdale, on the edge of Archallagan Plantation.  DJI Mini 2  29/12/20
30th December
My second flight yesterday was another 'spur of the moment' one as I was heading back home.  I was passing Lonan Old Church and though that the sunlight was illuminating it well so stopped for a short flight.  It was a bit breezy up at the top of the hill for the little Mini 2 (it does weigh less than 250g!) but it coped well.  In the afternoon I was out again with it and did another three flights.  I'm really enjoying working with this tiny drone, all the December aerial pics have been with it.
DJI Mini 2 29/12/20
First of the afternoon flights was to take a closer look at the waterfall where the Pigeon Stream falls into the sea by the Marine Drive.  I'd first noticed this on our Christmas Day walk, but you can't really see too much from the road, the drone comes in very handy for things like this!  The sun had already set on this area at 15:30, hence the rather muted colours.    DJI Mini 2 29/12/20
Moving further down the Marine drive for the next three aerial pictures, but the last two are from ground level with the TZ200.
31st December
The final flight made on Tuesday afternoon was over Douglas Bay at dusk, for some photos of the town, harbour and Tower of Refuge.
DJI Mini 2 29/12/20
Pictures taken yesterday afternoon.
A ground based panorama for a change!  Stitched from 14 original hand held shots, taken from the breakwater in Peel.  Panasonic TZ200 30/12/20
Continuing onwards to carry out some aerial photography at Jurby Church.   DJI Mini 2 30/12/20
The final photography location from yesterday was at the Point of Ayre, the most northerly tip of the island.  A mixture of ground and aerial shots.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  30/12/20

Time Flies!
Taken this afternoon, these seemed appropriate images to end the Island Images year.  It's the amazing clock constructed by island resident Dr John Taylor and originally exhibited in Cambridge, England.  It has recently returned to the island and is installed at the '1886' restaurant in the old post office building.
Panasonic TZ200 31/12/20
See you back in 2021!
Happy New Year!  I've just done the big count up of pictures added through 2020 and it comes out as follows:  General 'Scenic' pictures 2,837 which beats the previous best from 2019 by a considerable margin.  There are a couple of things to consider though, firstly I haven't counted the pictures added in April as they were all older ones taken in previous years as were were under Covid-19 Lockdown rules for most of the month.  However, also due to travel restrictions 'off island' we didn't have our usual long periods away on holiday so the website effectively gained two extra month's of pictures. 
The Railway pictures did quite well at a total of 475 because after the April lockdown they bounced back well with lots of passengers travelling although unfortunately not on the Snaefell Mountain Railway as the government decided that it would stay closed all year despite it being the line's 125th anniversary year.  We should probably be very thankful though as they had initially decided that none of the government operated railways would re-start operations until 2021, but pressure was brought to bear on them and they relented, keeping the staff in jobs and entertaining the public who were in general unable to travel off the island.  The Dining Car Train seems in particular to have done very good trade on all of it's various day and evening outings.
The Aircraft pictures didn't do so well, the first knock-back was FlyBe stopping operations at the beginning of March, followed by the Covid lockdown, after which air services have been extremely limited with only three routes being served by Loganair using only two aircraft.  Private flights have also been extremely limited, so the Aircraft picture total only come in at 117.
Here's looking forward to hopefully a better year for all of us in 2021 although the Island Images picture count may well fall when we are allowed to travel again without restrictions!  I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures from 2020 and will keep visiting this year for more.  Best wishes, Jon.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham