May 2019
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4th May
From Douglas Promenade yesterday afternoon.   Panasonic TZ200 3/5/19
East Baldwin and Injebreck yesterday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 3/5/19
6th May
Some aerial photography in the Injebreck area yesterday afternoon.   DJI Spark  5/5/19
7th May
A visit to the Wildlife Park yesterday afternoon.  Nikon D7100  6/5/19
8th May
Glen Rushen Slate Quarries
I first saw mention of these quarries in Stan Basnett's excellent 'Hidden Places of Mann' book, published in 1993 not long after I had arrived in the IOM and was still finding my way around.  I was re reading it last month while I was away and thought that I'd take a visit for some aerial photography with the drone from Arrysey Plantation.  Stan mentions that there are great views of the 5 levels of the quarry from a clearing in the plantation, but things have changed over the years since then.  Deciduous trees have filled the clearing and removed most of the view so the drone was helpful in getting a better look from above.  The five levels are also very hard to discern now, I suspect that natural erosion and the plantation trees on the far side of the valley have obliterated many of them.  Looking at old maps, much of the length of the quarry has also vanished amongst the trees.   DJI Phantom 4 Pro  7/5/19
12th May
Photographs in Sulby Glen yesterday afternoon.  Most pictures were taken using the aerial camera, although some of them almost at ground level, but it saved getting wet feet trying to cross the Sulby River!  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Phantom 4 Pro  11/5/19
13th May
The Silvery Gibbon family at the Wildlife Park on Saturday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200  11/5/19
Some of the wild Wallabies out in the Curragh.  We saw more but they're not always easy to photgraph, particularly when just using a compact Camera.  Panasonic TZ200  11/5/19
16th May
A walk around the Langness peninsula on Sunday afternoon, starting and finishing at Derbyhaven.  Panasonic TZ200  12/5/19
17th May
A trip to Ballaglass Glen on Monday morning to catch the bluebells before they are gone for another year.  Nikon D7100 13/5/19
18th May
Aerial photography at Bradda Head, flying from the lower path that leads down to the old mines office of the South Bradda Mine.  Lead and copper were mined here, and the remains of the old engine house and chimney stand at the base of the cliff which rises to over 300ft above sea level, topped by Milner's Tower, constructed in 1871 in honour of William Milner, a wealthy safe maker from Liverpool and benefactor to Port Erin. The mine closed in 1904.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  15/5/19
I wasn't originally going to include these pictures here, as I wasn't sure if they would be of interest to most visitors, but here they are anyway! Taken at South Barrule Quarry in very dull and overcast conditions.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  10/5/19
19th May
Some more aerial shots, this time around Peel Castle from two locations.  DJI Spark  15/5/19
21st May
Aerial photography at Port Soderick on Sunday.  DJI Spark 19/5/19
22nd May
Aerial photography at Groudle on Sunday afternoon.  DJI Spark 19/5/19
23rd May
Port Soderick revisited using the Phantom 4, with the specific intention of looking for remains of the old southern walkways along the cliffs before they completely disappear. The first set of pictures concentrate on this area, followed by a couple of panoramas stitched from multiple images, then some more general photography in the area.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  21/5/19
25th May
A visit to Milntown House, Ramsey for lunch yesterday.  The flowers are all just on the walk back to the car park.  Panasonic TZ200 24/5/19
29th May
Another visit to Milntown for lunch, this time leaving enough time for a couple of leisurely walks around the Gardens.  Panasonic TZ200 28/5/19
Milntown Estate Website
30th May
At The Ayres on Tuesday afternoon.   Panasonic TZ200 28/5/19
Back garden Macro photography on a wet day.  Panasonic TZ200  29/5/19
31st May
From a walk around Laxey yesterday afternoon on a rather grey day with rain from time to time.  Panasonic TZ200  30/5/19
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham