May 2018
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3rd May
A trip up Snaefell yesterday afternoon on the Mountain Railway.  Conditions were quite variable, from bright sunshine to overcast with
some heavy rainshowers passing through from time to time.   Panasonic FZ72  2/5/18
5th May
Some aerial photography in the Howstrake and Groudle areas yesterday afternoon.   DJI Phantom 4 Pro  4/5/18
7th May
A visit to the Curraghs Wildlife Park on Saturday afternoon, when all of the south of the island was cloaked in fog or low cloud for the whole day, but it was a glorious sunny day in the north!  Nikon D7100  5/5/18
Heading home to Onchan from the Wildlife park, some pictures from the Druidale Road.   Nikon D7100 5/5/18
8th May
A rather quick aerial photo session at Foxdale on Sunday morning.  DJI Spark  6/5/18
A visit to the wonderful Ballaglass Glen on Sunday afternoon.   Nikon D7100 6/5/18
A quick stop at Ballafayle on the way home from Ballaglass Glen.  Nikon D7100 6/5/18
An orange half moon rising at 03:00, seen from Birch Hill.  Panasonic FZ72  7/3/18
9th May
Aerial pictures in the Derby Castle and Summerhill areas of Douglas, taken on Monday morning.   DJI Spark  7/5/18
A fairly quick flying session at the Round Table, on Monday afternoon.   DJI Spark 7/5/18
One of the new residents at Round Table!
11th May
A visit to Port Soderick yesterday lunchtime to show some of the changes that have taken place there recently.  DJI Spark  10/5/18
Just came across the pictures I shot for this panorama of the Derby Castle/Summerhill area of Douglas on Monday.  DJI Spark 7/5/18
Aerial pictures taken yesterday afternoon to show the bright yellow patches of rape fields in the north of the island.   DJI Phantom 4 Pro 10/5/18
12th May
Final Aerial session from Thursday afternoon,  at Andreas, mainly of the church.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  10/5/18
14th May
Aerial pictures in the Goosneck area on Saturday morning.  12/5/18  DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Aerial pictures of Ramsey on Saturday morning.   12/5/18 DJI Phantom 4 Pro
15th May
An Aerial selection from around St Michael's Island (Fort Island) and Langness.  Flying from three locations, the close proximity to Ronaldsway Airport required the initial permission from Air Traffic Control and then staying in contact with them for the actual flights, a big thank you to all the folks in ATC for facilitating these pictures.  There is a 3 nautical mile zone around the airport where drone flying is resticted, more details here.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  13/5/18
Flight 1, from just south of Fort Island.
Flight 2, from the beach on the east side of Castletown Bay.
Flight 3, from close to the southern tip of Langness.
16th May
Completing the Langness theme with pictures taken on a walk around the peninsula on Sunday afternoon.   Panasonic TZ60  13/5/18
23rd May
Catching up with some pictures taken over the last week while showing a visitor around the island.
Port Erin  17/5/18  Panasonic TZ60
24th May
Some evening aerial pictures of 'where I live' - in fact Onchan and Douglas from close to Cronk-ny-Mona.   DJI Spark 17/5/18
Glen Maye -  Nikon D7100  18/5/18
25th May
A few pictures taken at Members Evening in the Curaghs Wildlife park.  Nikon D7100  18/5/18
A visit to the wonderful Ballaglass Glen.  Nikon D7100  19/5/18
From a Sunday visit to Groudle Glen for a trip on the Groudle Glen Railway.  Nikon D7100  20/5/18
A few recent ship pictures, on various dates from 20/5/18 to 25/8/18
26th May
Afternoon visit to Port St Mary  22nd May  Panasonic TZ60
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham