July 2016
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12th July
Pictures taken at Peel on a rather cloudy afternoon yesterday  -  Panasonic TZ60  11/7/16
17th July
Aerial and ground images of St Michael's Isle this morning  -  DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ & Nikon D7100  17/7/16
Thank you to ATC at Ronaldsway Airport for the co-ordination required when operating close to the airport.
20th July
Spotted out of our front window - an interesting lone cloud over the sea  -  Panasonic FZ72  17/7/16
A visit to the Wildlife Park on Moday afternoon  -  Nikon D7100  18/7/16
Some pictures of wallabies spotted in Ballaugh Curragh  -  Nikon D7100 18/7/16
22nd July
At the Fairy Bridge  -  Nikon D7100  19/7/16
23rd July
In Silvedale, Tuesday morning  -  Nikon D7100  19/7/16
The waterfall at Glen May on Tuesday afternoon  -  Nikon D7100  19/7/16
A vsit ot Port Erin by train on Wednesday afternoon  -  Panasonic TZ60  20/7/16
24th July
Some pictures of the Douglas skyline taken from the Sea Terminal on Friday afternoon  -  Panasonic TZ60  22/7/16
28th July
Pictures taken around Groudle Glen yesterday afternoon  -  Panasonic TZ60  27/7/16
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham