September 2015
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4th September
Some aerial pictures taken yesterday at three locations.  No an ideal day as the wind was fairly fresh and gusty, approaching
limiting speeds for the quadcopter.  There was also quite a lot of cloud around.   DJI Phantom 2 Vision+  3/9/15
5th September
Pictures from a walk yesterday in the Laxey area, starting and finishing on Dumbells Row and heading into the hills above Agneash. Total distance was 5.75 miles, starting at around 120ft above sea level and climbing up to a maximum of 960ft, dropping down to sea level at Laxey Harbour.
Panasonic TZ60  4/9/15
6th September
The Snaefell Mountain Railway, photographed from across the Laxey Glen at Agneash on Friday's walk  -  Panasonic TZ60 4/9/15
Some aerial photography with the quadcopter yesterday afternoon at Beckwith's Mine and 'Snuff the Wind', near Foxdale.  Not a particularly good day for flying as there was a stiff breeze up there with some gusting.   DJI Phantom 2 Vision+  5/9/15
Aerial pictures taken in the Marine Drive area, south of Douglas  -  Phantom 2 Vision+  8/9/15
18th September
A few evening pictures taken over the last week  -   Panasonic TZ60
19th September
Two pictures taken from home around sunset yesterday evening  -  Panasonic FZ72  18/9/15
Aerial pictures taken in the Ramsey and Dog Mills areas this morning  -  DJI Phantom 2 Vision+  19/9/15
Aerial images at The Point of Ayre  -  DJI Phanton 2 Vision+  19/9/15
At the Point of Ayre and on the way home  -  Panasonic TZ60  19/5/15
26th September
Some pictures taken on Thursday afternoon on  stroll along the coast footpath in Onchan  -  Panasonic TZ60  24/9/15
27th September
Aerial pictures taken yesterday morning  -  DJI Phantom 2 Vision+  26/9/15
Garwick Beach
Old Laxey
Ballaragh and Dhoon Glen
28th September
Animal portraits at the Curraghs Wildlife Park on Saturday afternoon  -  Nikon D7100 26/9/15
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham