February 2015
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2nd February 2015
Pictures taken yesterday morning and afternoon
Braddan Old Church
View from the top of Lherghy Cripperty
Fort Island & Castletown
Pictures of Douglas town hall taken yesterday afternoon
Some aerial pictures taken from above Noble's Park, Douglas
3rd February 2015
Aerial shots at Mull Hill, Creegneash and The Sound
Aerial shots from the beach by Black Rocks, Bay ny Carrickey
4th February 2015
Some pictures taken late yesterday afternoon from Douglas Head
Looking 'across the water' from the Groudle Road
5th February 2015
Pictures taken yesterday on a visit to Port Cornaa. The aerial shots were taken using a DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Quadcopter. I had been
thinking of having a separate section for aerial pictures with this, but think it's more logical just to show them on the main pages.
6th February
Some more aerial shots, these are around the small hamlet of Braaid, taken yesterday afternoon
'Snuff the Wind' or Cross Vein and Beckwith's Mines, south of Foxdale. Aerial and ground pictures.
Yesterday evening
7th February
Some more pictures from the quadcopter, this time in the Port Soderick area
9th February
The calm weather persists, so some more aerial pictures, these were taken yesterday morning in the Langness area
(And yes, I did co-ordinate with Air Traffic Control before anyone comments on the proximity to Ronaldsway!)
14th February
Some pictures taken yesterday affternoon around the Port Grenaugh area
15th February
Aerial shots taken yesterday morning at Laxey and in the hills above Ballaragh
22nd February
Bit of a mixed bag of pictures taken yesterday afternoon when it was bright and sunny but rather cold
A couple of aerial pictures taken yesterday morning on a check test flight with the Phanton 2 after replacing a damages ESC board
25th February
Some pictures taken yesterday morning, walking back from Douglas to Onchan 'the scenic way'
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham