January 2014
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1st January
Happy New Year! 
Here's two pictures from last year, taken yesterday afternoon at work on my phone, re-worked a little in Corel Painter Essentials
5th January
Two pictures taken at the calmer end of the bay just after the high tide on Friday
6th January
Another stormy day with a high tide, pictures taken from Port Jack
8th January
Somewhere near Andreas!
Four pictures taken this afternoon in Sulby Glen
9th January
The rest of the pictures from yesterday, taken in Ramsey towards the end of the afternoon
12th January
Sunrise this morning in Douglas
After visiting the doctor to renew my annual ATCO medical certificate, a quick visit to Douglas Head on a bright but cold morning
to enjoy the sunshine and views over Douglas Bay before heading off to work in the afternoon.
Sunset from work, yesterday afternoon
14th January
A superb sunrise this morning, captured in four stages from Ronaldsway
There are some advantages of working early shifts in the tallest building in the south of the island!
15th January
After a dull and wet day, the sun emerged just before sunset to cast an orange light over Douglas Head
18th January
Two sets of pictures taken yesterday afternoon, the waterfalls proving problematic with rain at Injebreck and spray at Spoyt Vane
Waterfalls and surrounding areas
On the beach - Jurby Head area
25th January
Some pictures taken this morning at Port Cornaa
Queen's Pier, Ramsey - just before it really started to rain!
26th January
Niarbyl yesterday afternoon - before it rained on me again!
Heading up to the Beckwith's Vein mine site in the hope that the rain will stop before sunset (it did!)
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham