November 2013
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1st November
Two pictures of tonight's sunset taken with some fairly basic equipment. (went out to buy milk and didn't take a camera!)
Not too sure where the strange effects crept in, but guess it's due to using low quality originals
3rd November
A walk down the Dhoon Glen to the sea and a rather dull and often very wet day. Only a couple of kilometres on the map, the path drops from the
car park at 600ft above sea level down to the beach. One path follows the stream in the glen and another follows the southern edge, above the glen.
5th November
A walk from Port Erin over Bradda yesterday afternoon, returing after sunset
7th November
Regular services on the railways have now finished for the season, but I captured this train from work yesterday
with 'G.H Wood' and 'Caledonia' double heading four saloons up the bank out of Ballasalla on a very dull afternoon
9th November
Three pictures taken from work on Thursday afternoon
10th November
A mixture of pictures taken today, at work and on the way home at luchtime
13th November
Second set of pictures from yesterday, when we had a drive via Ramsey to the Point of Ayre
Some pictures taken around Douglas head testing a new camera (Panasonic FZ72)
15th November
Sunset at Ronaldsway yesterday evening
18th November
Another nice Ronaldsway sunset, this was on the 16th
19th November
On the Ben-my-Chree heading for Heysham
23rd November
From the Ben-my-Chree on the Mersey River, Birkenhead to Douglas
24th November
View from Birch Hill to Anglesey and the mountains of Snowdonia at lunchtime today
27th November
Three pictures taken on the Prom this afternoon on the way back from shopping
29th November
Taken at work yesterday afternoon, looking over Castletown Bay to Langness Lighthouse
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham