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3 October
Some pictures taken yesterday afternoon around Derbyhaven. I had intended to take some more scenic views, but the weather turned
dull and rather damp, so I ended up concentrating on the amazing variety of seaweed exposed by an ebbing tide.
There were some nosy spectators!
back to the seaweed (and some shells)
Looking over the water to Derbyhaven
A set of pictures away from the Isle of Man, taken over the last two weeks on the beautiful island of Lanzarote
6 October
Three pictures in a slightly larger size than usual
11 October
Some 'atmospheric' pictures taken over the last few days
12 October
Some pictures take on a bike ride Monday afternoon, Birch Hill to St Luke's church and back.
I didn't realise it was so much uphill, but my legs let me know!
13 October
Pictures taken yesterday on a trip to the Calf Sound for lunch - I can recommend the Queenies!
17 October
A particularly high tide at Douglas, lunchtime today
Catching up! The more general scenic pictures from Saturdays stroll up Snaefell.
21 October
Yesterday afternoon in Ballaglass glen (with about six other photographers there!)
27 October
Three pictures taken at Ronaldsway this morning, just before sunrise
29 October
Some Autumn pictures taken around the Douglas area this morning
30 October
Four pictures taken this morning with a nautical theme
View from home, looking south-east over the sea at sunset
The rest of yesterday's pictures taken around Douglas and Braddan
At the Millennium Oakwood on the outskirts of Douglas. Planted in the year 2000 by the island's schoolchildren, the trees are growing nicely!
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham